Michelle Steele is widely- known for her ability to reach people from all walks of life with her message of hope and restoration. Her teaching of complete freedom in Jesus Christ and the power in God’s Word applies to people of every background.

At the age of 15, Michelle ran away from home and into a dangerous life of sexual abuse, drugs, prostitution, crime, and desperation.  Only God could have changed her world from a defeated prisoner of the flesh to the victorious woman of God she is now.

“My desire is to see people receive and walk in all the victory Jesus Christ provided for them,” Steele says. She uses the Word of God, accompanied with her lessons-learned, to point people to Jesus Christ.

Michelle’s books, podcasts, and videos are being distributed worldwide. Her weekly television shows, “Faith Builders with Michelle Steele” and its Hispanic counterpart “Constructores de Fe con Michelle Steele” bring hope to many people. One of her greatest joys is serving in her local church, Faith Builders International, under the leadership of her husband, Pastor Philip Steele.




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